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1 a rectangular array of elements (or entries) set out by rows and columns
2 an enclosure within which something originates or develops (from the Latin for womb)
3 the body substance in which tissue cells are embedded [syn: intercellular substance, ground substance]
4 the formative tissue at the base of a nail
5 mold used in the production of phonograph records, type, or other relief surface [also: matrices (pl)]

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From mātrix "dam" (breeding animal), later referring to the womb. From mater, meaning "mother".


  • 1: ; /ˈmeɪtɹɪks/; /"meItrIks/
  • 2: ; /ˈmætɹɪks/; /"m

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Platonic form, Platonic idea, aesthetic form, archetype, art form, build, cast, chimney, chute, configuration, conformation, country rock, cut, deposit, die, dike, fashion, figuration, figure, form, format, formation, frame, gangue, genre, impression, inner form, intaglio, last, layout, lode, lodestuff, make, makeup, mineral deposit, mint, modality, mode, model, mold, negative, ore bed, pattern, pay dirt, prototype, punch, seal, set, shape, shoe last, shoot, significant form, stamp, stock, structure, style, template, turn, type, uterus, vein, venter, womb
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